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Donkey Kong game

Donkey Kong is a type of video games highlighting the experiences of an ape-like character called Donkey Kong. It is invented by Shigeru Miyamoto in 1981. Basically, this game is an arcade game because this game was invented in old times and that time there is no craze of playing games. The game was not popular at that time. It was the first game of Mario series which is also an arcade type of games. This game is related to a dangerous monster named as Donkey Kong who has kidnapped a beautiful lady. And the little Mario want to save the lady by passing through many hurdles. The games have many levels which are not so easy to play. You have to play this game with tricks and to save that beautiful lady. It is not easy to defeat the donkey kong, so you must be so geniusĀ and tricky mind to free the beautiful lady. If you will pass all levels of the game and save the beautiful lady. you can get married to that beautiful lady as a reward. Other amazing arcade games are also available online like the impossible quiz


Here I am going to talk about arcade games like in 1980, many of game were present at that time. So, now these type of games are now known as arcade games. If you are the person of 1980, you still remember the impact of Pacman game which is an arcade game. You can play this game online on many websites. All you have to click the play button and the game will start automatically. In this game, you have to play as a character which is known as pacman and you have to collect coins, money by eating white dots. You become more strong by eating more white points. In the start, you have to save yourself from ghost but as far as you become strong by eating white dots you can even eat ghost too. This is the simple storyline of the game. There are also other versions of the game with different challenges and levels and with little modification but the basic theme of the slope game remains the same in all versions of the game. You have unlimited fun in this game by eating fruits, ghosts, vegetables and as far as you eat these things you will also become stronger and get more lives.